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The goals of Grace Reformed Baptist Church center around the worship of the Triune God of Scripture, the building up of God's people in the truth of Scripture, and the evangelism of those outside of Christ's saving influence. Our chief concern is the proclamation of the central message of the Bible: the truth about the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ. For this reason our public services emphasize preaching and teaching as God's appointed means of bringing people into His kingdom and furthering the work of His Church.

We seek to honor the Lord by a whole-hearted obedience to His revealed will. Our God has called us to holiness of heart and conduct, so our understanding of discipleship involves the desire to follow Christ in every area of life. It is also our desire to reach out to our community in the name of Jesus Christ. The scope of our burden, however, is not confined to our own locality but extends to all nations. For this reason we are actively engaged in foreign missions, supporting qualified and tested men to take to lost sinners the good news of the forgiveness of sins and eternal life through repentance and faith in the risen Christ.

We understand ourselves to be but a local, visible expression of the wider Body of Christ, the church universal. Therefore we seek to unite with like-minded local churches in cooperative gospel ventures. As a member of the national Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America, (ARBCA) we are able to engage in larger mission endeavors such as the training and sending of missionaries which we would not be able to accomplish alone.

By God's grace we would see the testimony of biblical Christianity lived out before a perishing world. We invite you to join with us.